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G8 Can You Hear Us?

A film about three very different protesters who headed to Gleneagles earlier this year to persuade the gathered world leaders to take steps to help save the planet from destruction.


Reviewer: paul may - - January 6, 2006
Subject: interesting
very rare to see protest in such a refreshing light on mainstream tv.. thought the commie was very annoying though. so he didnt show up to the preview eh ? i reckon he was afraid of getting beaten up by the green party dude.
Reviewer: Duncan Crowley - - December 30, 2005
Subject: we love the clowns
making the world a fairer funnier safer place, and having a wonderful fun filled time doing it:

makes sense doesnt it. it is growing, more people are playing the game

fair play to bbc for portraying things in fair way, pity they couldnt follow the clowns more, it was a special few days,

expect more
Reviewer: Ian Gregory - - December 7, 2005
Subject: View from a bike
Disclaimer - I was one of the cyclists on the G8 Bike Ride and appeared briefly in a few scenes. Watching the preview in London the day before first broadcast was a nostalgic experience. There were clowns and bike riders present but the communist didn't show.

As an activist I am not accustomed to seeing my world portrayed on television, let alone accurately. For that reason alone I feel that this documentary is groundbreaking. I thought it was insightful and very funny - though some of the humor may be lost on non-activists. Comparisons will inevitably be made to "The Life of Brian" (Judean People's Front! - we're the People's Front of Judea!)

The most powerful stuff for me was towards the end of the film where you get some idea of what it is like to be confronted by riot police.

One thing which wasn't covered very well was the blockades. There were probably over 4,000 people taking part in the blockades on July 6th but this was not mentioned. Viewers could be left with the impression that it was just a few clowns blocking a single road.

Overall an important yet entertaining documentary which certainly deserves a wider audience than it had when broadcast on BBC Four.
Reviewer: yomango - - November 20, 2005
Subject: greeeeeeeeeat!!!
we are everywhere!!!

gretings from barcelona, we are the new kids on the black block!
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